A 13" Monitor and Thousands of colors are recommended for viewing.

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The Great War Preview Exclusive sneak peek at a new Marathon
Magius@ix.netcom.com scenario!!

The Daily Grind A killer net map almost too good to be true!
hooligan@humboldt1.com Made for Capture the Flag, supports any # of players!

Holzp's Trimaps A trio of M1 net maps to suit every style of player!

In Every Issue

Marathon R-Net Directory The ARA/NetLink Directory of people who
climax@grfn.org all think they can kick your ass.

Rumor Mill Marathon Infinity: coming soon to a
store near you. Or is it?

Marathon Software Catalog Where can you find "Hex!"? Here!

Marathon 2 Walkthrough: Garrison The third in the series that will take you
through Marathon 2!

Internet Marathon Sites Looking for that recently-
released piece of software?
Here's where to find it!

Marathon Magazine Info Information concerning Mailing Lists, Submissions
(Please Submit!), etc.