Documentation by David Dunham and Glenn Andreas
Special thanks to: Andrew Welch and Jason Whong
©1997-9 by Ambrosia Software, Inc.

The last thing you remember is going to the kitchen for a snack, when everything went black... When you wake up, you find yourself lying on a hard stone floor. You try to look around and discover an older distinguished looking man, wearing robes, and a hunchback dressed in motley next to him...
"He's awake" says the hunchback.
"This is good," says the older man. "I hope you are right about this, Magpie, it has taken almost all of my powers to bring him here."
"It was our only chance - if we can't find a way to restore you to power, Cythera is doomed, and all your work will have been for naught."
Journey to the island of Cythera, land of mystery and adventure. Discover the mysteries of Alaric, ageless Land King whose powers have kept Cythera prosperous and at peace - but now his powers are failing and chaos threatens to engulf the land.

Welcome to Cythera
Cythera casts you as the legendary saviour of a violently divided nation. Sensing the impending downfall of the King, the ruling houses of Cythera struggle for political power in the ancient land. Some will stop at nothing to seize control.

While the houses labor to increase their own power, the neutral mages struggle for a higher consciousness and the betterment of humanity. They envision a world free from treachery and deceit. These students of the magick arts anxiously await the return of Alaric's mystical powers, as well as the end of the land's deadly slide toward chaos. But even they are unaware of the underlying tragedy which prepares to strike the land.

Your quest will take you through many trials as you uncover the mysteries of Cythera, its origin, its people, and its political hierarchies. You must do everything in your power to save the King, restore the balance of power, and return Cythera to its roots.

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This manual mixes a fictional narrative with conventional instructions on how to play Cythera. The narrative portions of this manual appear in
italics, while the regular instructions appear as normal text.

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