Hellfire's Equipment and Weapons Guide

"So... ya read that guide I published about ships? Good. Not a lot of money, but it turned a tidy sum of extra credits, helped me get home on vacation and visit Armagh County in Ireland Province on Earth. Sometimes you miss the old misty homeland.

"Anyway, I decided that this guy who wrote the first guide should write this guide. I ain't too good at puttin' my thoughts on paper, though he seems to do well at listening to me babble and write something out that makes sense. I'm a man of action myself.

"Now, you should know what ships to buy and what to expect when you get in a spot of trouble. But how should you make those ships the best damned fightin' machines this side of Voinian space? Now, here's the guide to tell you all about what's the best gizmos and doohickeys to make you the next starkiller."

This guide is guide to the outfits and weapons that one can buy in the game Escape Velocity: Override. It gives a list of all the standard outfits, shows you their stats, and helps provide an objective analysis of each selection.

I'd like to think this guide is an objective look, in that there is a set of outfits I would use for myself, but not necessarily a set of outfits that is 100% best for everyone. I apologize in advance if you do not agree with my assessments.

Adrian Turkington