Hellfire McQueen’s Escape Velocity: Override Ship Guide

They call me “Hellfire” McQueen, though my real name is something not nearly as flashy, and frankly I don’t wanna tell ya what it really is. I was born in the bonnie hills of Ireland in 2103. I make no claims at bein’ Immortal, buy my engineer be damned if I haven’t had possibly the best luck this side of the galaxy. Maybe I will live forever.

However, my keen eye and sharp wits have saved my hide more than once, and I’ve come to think I have a good sense of whats good and whats not when it comes to a ship and its weapons and gadgets.

Wanna know why I’m tellin’ ya my secrets? Well maybe its cuz this guy is payin’ me a nice bankroll just for talkin. Heck, just talkin’ is a great change of pace from blasting renegades and pirates, or dodging ships from those Strand weirdos who are probably still pissed I played all three sides of their little war.

Now, where shall I begin......

This is a guide to the standard ships of Escape Velocity: Override. It gives the statistics of each ship and presents objective analysis and opinions of each based on the writers experience with the game.

I’d like to think that my opinions are rather objective, in that there may be a best ship design for myself, but there isn’t necessarily a best ship for everyone.

By Adrian Turkington
email: hellfire@pil.net