1. Start here. Read the computer panel and move on.
2. When you walk onto the platform, run across and activate the hidden door. Look at the
map to find where it is.
3. Save your game and replenish health here
4. Shoot all visible aliens while you're in the hall. Then quickly run across the bridge to avoid
getting shot at.
5. If you are low on health or ammo, come here. You can replenish health, and wait for a minute or two while the defense drones defeat all aliens in the big room.
6. Activate the switch and go into the hall that was previously hidden.
7. Ignore the leftmost switch (when facing the switches). Flip the
2nd from the left. Go over and flip the rightmost. Now flip the
2nd from the right turnaround quickly and head for the opening
before it closes.
8. All you need to do is pull the 2nd switch on the left facing the switches. This will make
crossing the platforms easy.
9. Read the computer panel and run through when all of the elevators are down and you
can see the room behind them.
10. Use the assault rifle and shoot the aliens in each room induvidually. Be sure to activate the computer thingies before you go to step 11.
11. Read the computer panel to be teleported to the next level.

1. This is where you start in Couch Fishing. Read the computer panel and move on.

2. Press the action key and watch the computer terminal monitor change to a Marathon symbol.

3. Press the action key and watch the computer terminal monitor change to a Marathon symbol.

4. Press the action key and watch the computer terminal monitor change to a Marathon symbol.

5. Operate this switch that opens the door.

6. Blast the aliens, then operate the switch up on the ledge. As fast as you can, run all the way to the other side of the ledge and catch the elevator going up.
Then operate the switch and go through the door panel that opens up. Try not to fall off the ledges in the three rooms, but if you do, you can get back up with an elevator.

8. In this room, there are also aliens on the floor. Look for moving pixels below the ledge and fire missles from the Assault Rifle. Blast away the rest of the aliens, and go to the computer terminal. You’ll be teleported to the next level.

The Rose

Note: These steps don't actually tell you how to beat the level, but it tells you where you go to beat the level. You should explore all the areas on the above map and make sure all aliens are dead.

1. This is where you start in The Rose. Read the computer panel and move on.

2. Shoot as many aliens as you can from this ledge, then go to step 3 to kill the rest of 'em

3. Kill the rest of the aliens in this large room.

4. Take this elevator up and kill all the aliens up there.

5. Come up on this platform and go into the star-shaped room.

6. After all the aliens are dead, you get a chance to save your game before going on to the next level

Smells like Napalm...

1. This is where you start in "Smells like Napalm, Tastes like Chicken!"

2. Activate the button on the wall to seal the door and head on back.

3. Activate the button on the wall to seal the door and head on back.

4. Operate this button, and quickly run to the platform (step 5)

5. It may take a little while for the platform to activate, but just wait and you'll be lifted up to where you can make it back to step 6.

6. The idea of this room is to operate the switches until you get a set of stairs, but there is an easier way if you have a grenade or two to spare. Activate the switch that operates the second to northern-most platform. Activate the switch a second time, causing it to be completely down. Stand on the last platform, and fire a grenade at the eastern switch on the south wall. You'll be lifted up. Then run into the hall.

NOTE: Steps 7 & 8 were accidentally switched. Go to step 8 first, then 7. Then continue with 9.

8. Activate this switch, run to step 7.

7. Activate this switch, and run onto the elevator. Wait for the elevator to rise, and walk forward onto the next elevator. Wait for that elevator to rise and walk off.

9. Operate the computer panel and be teleported to the next level.

1. Fire a grenade at the southern switch, which will open the door.

2. You may wish to run east a little bit and read the computer panel.

3. Retrieve the Zeus, and get outta there! Go back into the circular room, and fire another grenade, this time at the western switch. It'll open the door.

4. There are some Pfhor who hide on the southern ledge. Be sure to blow them away

5. Watch out when you fall in the pit! Doors open up and lots of aliens come out! Operate both switches. Once they are off again, quickly operate both of them a second time, and run onto the southern elevator. You'll need to do this the way back, too.

6. Run on and off the eastern-most section of platform, then run onto the western-most section. Wait until you are beginning to be lifted up, and keep the run and forward key down while still trying to stay on the platform. Hopefully, you'll run into the hallway before getting squished.

7. Operate both of these switches, then come back.

8. You'll need to operate the NE switch in this room to get the elevator to take you up.

9. Operate the button on the wall and go through the door into the circular room.

10. (Taken from the Marathon Spoiler Guide:) The best way to get to
the opening is to stand on theopposite of the room from the upper
doorway. As the elevator starts
to come down, move forward and get a step or two on top of it. Then,
when the elevator is moving back up and the floor of the upper
hallway is roughly at eye level, RUN forward. You may need to adjust
your timing - if you wait too long, you'll get squished.

G4 Sunbathing
NOTE: The following was found on America Online. It was so good that we decided to use that as the G4 Sunbathing walkthrough. Thanks, RENDERER@AOL.COM!!

Blaspheme Quarantine

1. This is where you start in Blaspheme Quarantine. Read the computer panel and move on.

2. Operate the switch, and regain your health. Then take the stairs down and take the elevator up.

3. Operate both switches in this little indent in the wall

4. Take the platform up, and run onto the ledge. Go into the door that you see in the NE section of the square room.

5. Activate the switch(es).

6. Go in the little computer thing to be teleported to step 7.

7. This is a bit tricky. Wait until the elevator that always moves to start it's way up, and quickly activate all the switches. WALK back to where you can RUN across the set of elevators, and be teleported again.

8. This is where you are teleported to. There are aliens everywhere, so be sure not to waste ammo.

9. Fall into this pit (either on purpose, or not) and open the door. It moves VERY slowly, so I'd make sure you have cleared all the pfhor away before even entering the pit. This door takes you back to the square room. However, a new door has opened (shown in step 10)

10. Activate the computer panel to be teleported to the next chapter, "Reprisal"