1. Probably the hardest part of the level. You start here. Be ready to kick some Pfhor butt, because there are roughly 4-8 Pfhor ready to attack you (Depending on difficulty level)

2. Wait for the platform to go down in its pit, then fall in with it. Be facing South when it comes up. Then quickly run into the hallway before the platform squishes ya.

3. Fire a grenade at the switch to operate. This switch operates the platform at #1

4. This takes a few tries. Quickly activate the switch, and run down into the room and position yourself on the platform. When it comes up, run into the hallway. If you don't make it the first time, you can get back there quickly by going to #1.

5. This also takes some practice, and it helps a lot if you have plenty of health. Run onto the upper left platform, and when it lifts you up, run onto the upper right platform, then the lower right, then finally the lower left, and run into the hallway.

6. Activate the Terminal, and you'll be teleported to the next level.

1. This is where you start in "Shake Before Using..." Read the terminal and go on.

2. Activate the switch here, and it'll open the lower big door of the room.

3. This is a secret room for you to collect some ammo. You'll need it

4. Don't go out onto the bridge yet! Go to step 5

5. Here is a health restorer, some ammo, etc. You'll need it for the times ahead

6. You can either fall or wait for the bridge to come down. Activate the switch in the little upper right room (close to where the "6" is) and get back on the bridge, wait for it to go up, and then go through the door

7. There are lots of guys here, and the bridge is going to fall, so have your automatic rifle or whatever you prefer ready.

8. Do whatever you can to stay on the bridge! It's a pain in the butt if you fall off. If you do, take the teleporter.

9. Activate the switch here and go on

10. Read the terminal and you'll be teleported to the next level.