The Pfhor

The majority of levels in "The Pfhor" are basically to explore all areas of the map, in which case a "Walkthrough" isn't really necessary. So, for those levels, we supply a map, and some tips about the level from the Marathon FAQ by & Thanks.

Explore all areas of this level, and then go to a window which has the Marathon Colony ship viewable in it.

According to Eric Johnson (, there is a
secret room containing alien weapons that is near the green slime
waterfall. There are two ways to get to the room. One requires that you return to the main hallway and press the nearest button. This will cause an elevator to rise out of the slime and carry you into the room. You can also use the flame thrower to propel yourself into the room. There is a teleporter in this room that will return you to the main level.

Explore all areas of this map, then go to a window where you can see the colony ship.

Although it seems like you can't, you can reach that 3x shield generator that's behind the half-closed door. Just get as close as possible to activate it.

Explore all areas of this map, and then find a window where you can see the colony ship.

From Aaron Bergman (
There's a 3x shield recharger next to another pattern buffer
here. In the blue passageway on the upper level, at one point,
there is a square column in the middle of the passageway right next to a U-turn. Around the bend from this column, there's a
secret door in the outer wall to the U-turn. This takes you above the windowed room, and up an elevator. Here, you go to a room with a column moving up and down in the center. First, kill the hunters on either side with your fusion pistol (or whatever's your weapon of choice.) They're difficult to see, but they're there in the side alcoves. If you want to do it the way Bungie'd probably like you to, you can try to land on the pillar as it's moving up, but it's a lot easier to wait until the pillar's all the way down and then
grenade jump across the gap.

From Dave Duarte (
After you pass through the rooms with all of the imprisoned Bobs, you pass a shield regenerator and go into a transporter. When you rematerialize, there is a Pfhor there. After you kill it, there is an elevator in front of you, but also, if you want, you can free the Bobs, because the doors to the rooms that they are trapped in open up to where you are. If you look on the map you can see this. This might seem obvious, but I have been playing this game for weeks, and I just noticed it today. One caveat: there are exploding Bob's in with normal Bobs, so be careful.

Explore all areas of this map, then find a window where you can see the colony ship.

To leave the level, as with all other levels that take place aboard
the Pfhor ship, return to a window that you can see the Marathon
through. In this case, this is in the large room in the bottom right
of the map.

If you can't jump from this room, then you probrably haven't explored the entire level yet. Return to the one room with 3 paths in green slime. Jump across to the other path that lines the the end of this path you should find a door that leads to the rest of the level.

This is the only map in "The Pfhor" in which you do not have to explore all areas, however it is simple enough to get to the finish, a walkthrough is hardly necessary. But the end of the map is shown, marked with the red X. It's almost possible to be able to avoid all aliens and get here, if you are quick enough.

Some tips:

From Anthony R. Stevens (STEVENSA@AUSVM1.VNET.IBM.COM):
If you get tired of dying, try making your way directly to the save terminal. How? Near the beginning of the level there's a window with a ledge and some meanies coming your way. Kill the meanies. Now, instead of taking the elevator down to the 1st ammo room (and more meanies) just jump off the ledge into the pit. The exit down in the pit increases your chances of making it to a save terminal tremendously, believe me.

From Ben S. Wang (
There is a secret door in the room with the 3x shield
recharger. As you enter the room, go to the left wall,
stand in the middle of that wall and use your action key
(tab) to open the door. This will take you to the center
part of the three-part room. As an added bonus, there is
an invincibility in an alcove in the secret passage:
turn left as you approach the exit door - you'll see it on
your map!

Explore all areas and make your way to a window in which you can see the Colony ship.

From Chris Lam (
You've charged up 3x, gone back to the big bright room
with the column in the middle. Move along the right edge and
go through the door at top right. Keep going until you enter the big open space where a major battle ensues. Just before you go thru the door, face left and hit TAB. You will find a nice stash of ammo, heavily defended. I reckon these are stored by the Phfor for laboratory tests. I mean, what else would MA-75 clips be doing on an alien ship? Now open the door to the big battleground. That shimmering green thing on your right can save your life. It's a teleport to the 3x charger you just came from.

This is one of the more difficult levels in "The Pfhor", since you have to explore all areas AND kill every alien in existence. Sounds fun, eh? When you're done, find a window in which you can see the colony ship.


No, there is no saved game terminal on this level. Bummer. However, there is no reason not to be at 3x shields from the previous level.

Unless you were foolish enough to jump down into the huge room with all the enforcers and Pfhor, you probably see no reason why that ugly thing is sitting in the green slime. Actually, that was the cyborg that you had to kill, and surprisingly, it only takes
2 or 3 shots from your handgun (!) to do so (on Normal level).

Micah ( notes a secret passage can be found in the corridor that goes all the way around the circular room. It is roughly midway through this passage, and contains an alien weapon and a shadow power up. You can also get to this passage via a secret door just behind and to the right of you when you jump into the level (Aaron Bergman (

From David H. Klein (
There is a hyper-vision chip in the pit area near the topmost
transporter on the map. If you look just to the left of the
elevator on the map, it shows that there is an alcove in the
wall. It is halfway up. Go to the top of the elevator, point
towards it, and the just walk slowly off. You should fall
right into the alcove, and the vision should come on immediately.

Explore all areas of this map, then make your way to a window where you can see the Colony ship. One such window is the room of the bottom right of the above map.


If you still cannot jump out although you've killed everything on
the level (including all the bugs in the large room), then make
sure that you have hit both switches in the large room. *Both*
switches, you say? Yep, pop a grenade at the one visible one,
and on the opposite wall a new switch should be revealed. Hit
that one as well, and the column in the center of the room should
stop moving, and the lights should dim down. Then, if you cross the room to the teleporter across from the entrance, it will take
you very near the jump out site.

From Aaron Bergman (
If you use the flame-thrower flying trick on this level, you
can keep returning to the save buffer and the 2X recharger.