1. This is where you start in the Rebellion chapter. Save your game, read the terminal if you want.

2. This is a bit tough, you'll need at least 1/2 - 2/3 health before proceeding. Operate the switch behind the pillar, then you can either:

a) run over to where the platforms are rising and catch one on the way up.
b) wait for all of them to rise, and grenade hop your way up

3. Activate the switch here before proceeding.

4. Aah, the stairs... these will require a bit of practice. Walk onto the first platform (leftmost) and wait for it to rise, when it is at it's full height, hold down your run key and make a U turn around onto the next platform. Continue this the whole way up until you meet the terminal which will teleport you to the next level!

1. This is where you start in "Try Again"

2. Those big giant silver things are tough, aren't they? They require 4 SPNKR shots!! Here's a tip: When they are almost dead (one or two shots to go) get behind a door, then fire the missles from the open doorway. When you hear the alien start making beeping sounds, quickly shut the door. This will protect you from getting hurt. Sometimes, though, there isn't a door present. In that case, you just have to tough it out.
To get onto the other side of the lava, SLOWLY walk onto either of the invisible teleporters (purple on the map) and stop on them.

3. The Bridge before this mark is a little tough. You must fall off the bridge, it doesn't matter which side. Then make it to the right side (using the tunnel) and continue.

4. Ignore all teleporters on the way to here. Read this terminal to get teleported to the next level!

1. This is where you start in Ingue Ferroque.

2 - 3. Activate the switch by firing a grenade at it.

4 - 5. These switches are even higher, you must get further away to fire a grenade and activate them.

6. You must either grenade hop or use the spnkr to get up these stairs.

7. This is the third ring, where you must go INTO the lava. Quickly make your way to step 8.

8. You must RUN onto the terminal here. This is the end of the game, congratz!!!