I'd like to open this message by asking for your monetary
support. Marathon Magazine has been using a wonderful
program, DocMaker, to publish it's magazine. I think it's only
right to register it after using it for almost half a year.
Registration is $25, and if you'd like to help pay off this,
you can send whatever you deem appropriate to:

Marathon Magazine
5434 Saddle Club
Kalamazoo, MI 49009-8958

Please note that this is not making Marathon Magazine
shareware. It is simply asking for money to register

That aside, Dark Forces & Doom II are out! (Doom II is
almost out) After sampling each (Real version of Dark
Forces, and beta of Doom II) I've concluded that nothing
will ever truly take the place of Marathon, because neither
of these are truly like Marathon. Marathon seemed to be
more into puzzles, and thinking. It doesn't appear that
way to someone who's just played the first level, or the
demo. It is not as much of an arcade All-you-do-is-shoot-and-veg game, like Doom II & DF. Remember Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap? You wouldn't find that type of a level in Doom II or DF. Listed below are some pros and cons of each of the games.

Dark Forces

No Network/modem play
Fast, well written engine
Complex levels and many graphic sets
No up/down axis for the mouse
A Plot
Open-type of levels. Not many levels with small passages
Requires QT2.0 for BGM
Two levels of detail

Doom II

Modem & Network play
Modem is playable on 9600 bps
Can play Modem & Network with PC version
No Plot
8 Weapons (Counting Fist & Chainsaw seperately)
Open-type of levels
Not as customizable as Dark Forces & Marathon
Requires QT2.0 for BGM
Three levels of detail
Compatible (Somewhat) with PC Doom I/II WADs


Open-type of levels & Twisty levels
Network play only (ARA is exception)
Well developed plot
Very customizable
Requires QT2.0 for BGM
6 Weapons
Two levels of detail
Shapes/Map editors already exist for Macintosh
Requires 14.4K or faster modem for ARA play

Well I think that sums them all up pretty well.

Also, as mention in the June issue, our AOL e-mail account was down. We've gotten another, this one promising to stay. On AOL, you can e-mail us at
MaraMagaz. Starting in the August issue, we'll start a "Reader's Write" column, where you can send in your comments, gripes, compliments, pleas, and Chocolate Chip Cookies in to be printed. You can send comments to either MaraMagaz (AOL) or climax@grfn.org (Internet)

BTW, Anyone still having the June issue on their Hard Drive: Try clicking on all of the pictures throughout the magazine. Most contain little hidden messages. A secret message is hidden in this issue, too. Keep an eye out! It's right under your nose.

Ben Chess
Editor of Marathon Magazine

You've found the secret message of Marathon Magazine July Issue. If you find this message, send a note to climax@grfn.org stating that you found it. Your name will be published next month.