Constructive Criticism for
Level Designers
by Devon Belcher

2 general points I'd like to make:

-Why are there so many huge net levels? few people can get together the machines/players/ethernet to enjoy these. mapmakers should concentrate on small, tight fast netmaps - which are btw easier to perfect, smoothing out the bumps, aligning textures, etc - or, if they really want big grand levels, do some solo levels.

-What's with these hyped-up out-of-whack lethal-weapons PMs? what's the point? I mean, any hack can go into Anvil and make the pistol shoot swarms of mini-spankers each doing 500 points of damage, but so what? It's a much better project to make weapons patches that preserve the excellent balance of Bungie's original set. If something fires quicker, make it do less damage, or have a brutally slow reaload, or something. Use your head and keep some element of strategy! put some effort into creating weapons models that make sense! consider as an example the weapons set in "EVIL". the railgun was powerful, but hard to aim and had collateral damage issues to offset its benefits.
The Nuke Mortar was useless except at long range. And so forth. see how each weapon's strengths are balanced by some drawbacks? Even better, think hard about Bungie's set.

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