From The Editor

Sorry to be the one breaking the news but, as of this issue, Marathon Magazine is extinct. We've gone under. The reason this issue was so late was I've been spending a load of time trying to get people to write articles, but to no avail. Plus my drivce died AGAIN. (Curses on the idiot who decided IDE drives actually work right) Special thanks to Gary Simmons and "Blaze" for their great articles, and I hope all of you enjoy this last issue to it's fullest. If anyone thinks they can tackle the job of running Marathon Magazine in the future, you're welcome to give it a shot, just drop me a note first to let me know what you're up to. ;)
I really can't think of anything to say except
GO BUY MYTH. It rocks. Period.
The interviews will continue though, every now and then I'll interview a Bungie employee, and as before, if you've got a question for one of them, let me know! The next possible target for an interview may be Matt Soell, or maybe even YOU if you're a Bungie employee, so watch out. ;)
Anyway, once the interviews have been finished, they'll be editted, then shipped to Marathon Hyperarchive MidWest for "Your exclusive viewing pleasure." (Stole that off an internet marketer last week selling some manual <g>)

Well, I better wrap it up here and pack up this issue for shipping to HAMW, so see you all of you sometime soon in an interview, and thanks to everyone who supported Marathon Magazine.

- Nik " Frost" Manak, the Editor

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