Marathon Map Rating Club

Marathon Map Rating Club is a group formed by the editor of Marathon Magazine. The members will try out one new map per week and then rate the level design, the plot(if there is one), and degree of difficulty. Plot and design ratings will be on a scale from 1-6:

1 = Terrible
2 = Fair
3 = Average
4 = Good
5 = Very Good
6 = Excellent

The difficulty rating will have 5 levels:

1 = Boring
2 = Easy
3 = Moderate
4 = Hard
5 = Overkill(VidMaster Skills Required)

Ratings will be posted monthly on the newsgroups: and

The current members are:
courtesy Craig Mullins

Nik "Frost" Manak
Devon "The Terminator" Belcher
Jimmy "Placid Pladipus" Mitchell

If you want us to rate a map of yours, please tell us and give us the URL for your map. If you can't supply an URL, send it via mail to and I will distribute it. If your map is larger than 2 mb, please split it into segments and send it through a series of e-mails.
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