Hell Hole v1.3

By: Gary L. Simmons
the Battle Cat

The Disclaimer:

This is my first map. I don't consider myself a mapmaker, I am a player. The point of this map is to be way too damn hard, to help you stretch and learn to fight. Use "Hell Hole" to warm up before a net game or a tough level. There are no puzzles, no secrets, no cheesy circuits to plug in, just head to head non stop carnage till you die. When you live too long, set your difficulty up a notch. When Total Carnage gets too easy, split the map, add some more monsters or whatever and remerge it. Ordinarily I used to populate a net map with aliens and weapons using editors and then use that to practice fighting to the spleen-squirting brain-splattering metal-twisting death. I thought I would create a map from scratch with Forge, making a simple room of my own design. This is filmware, email me a film of you kicking butt, getting your butt kicked, or especially something funny happening in this map. Or don't. Enjoy. Remember, if you keep pressing your maneuvering and firing keys for several seconds after you are already a curdling, stinking lump of gristle and gore cooling on the floor the film will record your moment of death. I am releasing "Bastard Child V1.0" with "Hell Hole" because it will work better on slower machines. "Bastard Child" is so called because it was a side experiment in the creation of "Hell Hole".

The Story:

"Hell Hole" is the popular nickname for program #164ACK285a, the U.E.S.C Marathon Marine Special Forces training halodeck program devised to test and hone your skills of survival in melee fighting. Try to stay out of the Mosh Pit and remember, excessive time in the Blood Trough will be considered malingering and will get you a summary court martial!

Ed's Note: This is taken from the instruction document included with Hell Hole v1.3
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