Marathon 1 Scenario for Marathon Infinity?!
from The Editor

That's right! Someone is making a Marathon 1 scenario for Marathon Infinity! Or so I've heard . . . .

I heard this about 2 months ago, but who knows? . . . . Maybe the guy is in the middle of making it! What he said he would do is replace all textures with ones from M1, use the original weapons' and monsters' graphics, and replace all sounds with their corresponding M1 sounds. Last thing he said was he'd make a HUGE map that was identical to the M1 Map File. Sorry, I don't have any more information, that's everything, for now . . . . .

Would any of you be happy if any or all of this were true? Send in your thoughts.
Who knows who's listening out there!

Got any rumors? Send 'em in and get 'em aired out, right here in front of everyone!

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