Marathon Software Catalog
Distributed by Marathon Magazine

Are you bogged down by all the new enhancements for Marathon? Consult the Marathon Software Catalog to know what is best and where to find it!

The Marathon Software Catalog contains all files concerning Marathon on the Internet. The catalog covers:

FTP Servers
WWW Sites
Macintosh BBSs

Since the change of editors the Marathon Software Catalog has become severely outdated. Therefore all entries no longer have URL information or Current version info. If you have any URLs for these programs, know the current version, or have an entirely new entry, send the info to

This catalog is distributed monthly by Marathon Magazine. (Note: You can find most of this Marathon software and more along with the lite and full versions Marathon Magazine at the MacBase BBS (972)306-7628.)

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M1 Shapes

M1 Sounds

Page 3
M1 Maps

Page 4
M1 Physics

Page 5
Misc. Marathon 1-2-∞ Stuff

M2 Shapes

M2 Sounds

M2 Maps

M2 Physics

M∞ Shapes

M∞ Sounds

M∞ Maps

M∞ Physics