Marathon Map Editors

Mia - My personal favorite. Less features than Pfhorte, but the maps it creates have been proven to be very stable. Comes with tutorial.

Current Version:
Mia was found at:
AMUG, Info-mac, America Online

Marathon Map Editor (MME) - Very user friendly and easy, although lacks all the features of other Map editors.

Current Version:
MME was found at:
AMUG, America Online

Pfhorte - A favorite among expert map makers. Has the most features of all the map editors available, however maps made by the PPC version of the application cannot be used on a 68K Mac. Some versions of Pfhorte have been known to create otherwise-safe maps that will crash.

Current Version:
Pfhorte was found at:
AMUG, America Online (NOTE: File is no longer there...?)

New, version 2.0!
Current Version: 2.0a11

Pfhorte 2.0 is now a M2 map editor. See the M2 Map Editor Section.

Object Placement Editor (OPE) - A simple way to change the object placements in Network maps.

Current Version:
OPE was found at:
AMUG, America Online

Marathon Edit Project - A simple map editor with the idea in mind that someone will improve it. Source code included. Not very good.

Current Version:
MEP was found at: