SPNKR Laser Sighting
Haven't you always wanted to suddenly fire a fast
explosive projectile with deadly accuracy?

Haven’t you always wanted to run fast and free in a large open area, then suddenly turn and fire a fast, explosive, projectile and hit a living target with deadly accuracy!!!
Of course you have, but reality has probably stopped you from doing this in the past, but thanks to Marathon, (the best damn game in the world!!!) we are able to bring to life our carnage dreams, and go around shooting anything thing in sight with a large arsenal of weaponry, but...which weapon to use??? Your fist? A plasma pistol? A flame thrower? No, none of these even come close to the carnage capabilities of the beloved rocket launcher!!! Yes, an explosive capsule, delivered at a high velocity is sure to make those aliens fly, but how many times have you blown the heck out of the wall behind the alien, and not the alien??? The precious few rounds of this mangaler are wasted on an invincible wall, while the aliens get closer, and closer, and then finally squeezes another shot out, but too late...your trusted friend has backfired on you, and turned you into Pfhor chow!!
With this simple little addition to your Marathon shape file, you’ll be able to blast a flea of a Hulks back. You’ll be able to destroy a whole convoy of Fighters with a single projectile. This patch will help you kick some Pfhor ass, and help you become the star of every network game.

What is all this, and why did I read that whole theatrical introduction???
Well I don’t why you read the intro, but this patch is a modified picture of the SPNKR-Rocket Launcher from Marathon. What I’ve added is so simple, and obvious, that it will make you go DOOHHH!! A little red dot, situated up and to the right of the launcher was all it took. By doing this, I’ve created the most accurate, explosive device for your carnage purposes. Just place the little red dot over your target and fire...

Sounds cool, but how do I get the dot into Marathon?
It doesn’t require much talent, but I will explain it as simply as I can.
As always, it is suggested that you make a copy of your Marathon Shape file, before attempting any modifications to it.
1. Open the file named “Spanker Laser Sighting PICT” with your favorite graphics program. It’s saved as a GraphicsConverter PICT file but you should be able to access it no problem with another program.
2. Press command-A, to select “all”! If your program doesn’t have a “select all” function, get a new program, it’ll make life a lot easier!!!
3. Press command-C, to COPY the pict! As far as I know, if you don’t have this function, you ain’t using a MAC!!!
4. Open up the Marathon shape file using Pfhred*, and follow this path: Weapons in hand: rocket launcher idle, and then click once on the picture to select the square.
5. Press command-V, to PASTE the LASER SIGHT pict, and then save the changes.

Now start up Marathon, and the next time you have a Spanker in your possession, there should be a little red dot hovering in front of you. That’s the laser sighting!! Yep that’s all there is. Not very fancy, but it does a heck of a job!!!

*I realize that in step 4, I only mentioned Pfhred, but I’m sure it is possible to use any other Marathon shape installer/editor, but Pfhred was the easiest one to use.

How can I ever thank you for giving me such great powers?
Shower me with riches, and wealth...or a simple e-mail message would be nice.
This pict is a gift from me to you, no string attached, and anyway, you would all laugh at me if I considered charging you for such a simple, meaningless patch. But seriously, it would be neat to see how far my little laser guided missile gets on the great information highway, and besides, I just loooove getting mail!!!

Marathon is a registered trademark of Bungie. I am in no way affiliated to them so don’t bug them if something goes wrong with this patch.
I take no responsabilty for any damage that comes from this patch, but hey, if you screw up your computer with this thing, you have my sympathy.

Eric Lussier