Dear Readers,
Yes, it's true. Bungie will be porting Marathon 2 for
Windows 95. The news first came when Cyberian Outpost
(MacZone's online catalog) advertised it for Windows.
Bungie was preparing a formal press release and did not
give Cyberian Outpost permission to advertise just yet.

"So what does this mean?" you ask. Well, there is a general
fear that Bungie will latch onto the PC market and eventually
drop Macintosh for good. Like it or not, this is a major
possibility. It is also possible that Bungie will stay with the Mac
at all times, porting games over to PC a year later.
The Marathon community will be experiencing similar events
to when the media latched onto the Internet. Yes, there will
be newbies. Yes, there will be more scenarios. Yes, there
will be more netgames. And yes, there will be more money for
Personally, I am thrilled about the port to Windows 95.
Marathon Magazine will continue to thrive. New scenarios
and texts will appear in future issues, which means more fun for
all of us, Mac and Windows users alike.

Marathon Forever.

Ben Chess
Editor of Marathon Magazine