Note: What About Bob appeared in the August issue of Marathon Magazine. This is a reprint of that map's walkthrough.

1. This is where you start. Kill the pfhor. But kill the bobs first. : )

2. Come out here, and you'll get a free prize, an automatic rifle and ammo.

3. Read the terminal so ya know what you're doing, then go up the stairs and into the pit. Get your automatic rifle ready to kick some butt.

4. Still with me? Keep goin'!

5. Read the terminal, save your game, get health. Then flick the switch.

6. Open the panel up, and punch the circuits within with your fist.

7. Since the circuit here is further in, you can't punch it. Back way up to the wall, and launch a grenade from there. QUICKLY go as FAST AS you can to step 8, or you'll be killed by the lava!

8. Whew... tough run up all those stairs! Did ya make it?

9. Get more health, save your game, and do all those nifty things. Then read the terminal to be teleported to "Come and Take your Medicine"

There is really nothing to this map. Beating it is so easy, you're left to wonder why Bungie made 90% of this map. To throw you off... : )

1. You start here. There is a 1x health generator in case you are low from What About Bob. There is also a terminal explaining what the heck is going on.

2. After going through a few rooms, you'll find this. It's a panel that needs to be opened (using your activate key). Destroy the circuit by punching it with fists, or throwing a grenade at it.

3. Same as 2, above.

4. When you have broken both circuits, simply return to the terminal where you started! On to "We're Everywhere!"

1. This is where you start in "We're Everywhere!" Help the bobs. The bobs are always to busy to kill the Hunter (look near where #5 is) and it picks them off. Kill it.

2. Activate the switch here, a platform will rise you up.

3. Activate the switch here. You may want to destroy the circuit by punching it.

4. Activate the switch here.

5. Read this terminal. Whoo! That wasn't too hard now, was it?