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Page 4
Phun Textures Phor Your Editor Some replacement textures
for Marathon Shape Installer
that you'll love!

Page 5
Marathon GIF A wonderful electro-painting of Marathon!

Page 6

Marathon Alternate Console Getting tired of the same old
console for Marathon?
change it!
Page 7
Top 5 Physics Models The results of the top 5 Physics


Page 9
From the Editor Special thanks for those who
sent in artwork!

Page 3

The Story of Marathon Wondering what the premise
Bungie Software is of Marathon? Learn the

Page 10
The Marathon Walkthru: Chapter 2 Chapter 2 in the Walkthru
Various series will take you step-by-
step through CounterAttack!

Page 11
Internet Marathon Sites Looking for that recently-
released piece of software?
Here's where to find it!