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Scarpi An unbelievable new Marathon scenario
Cashton@ga.ceu.edu that will blow you away!

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The Goo, the Bad, and the Ugly Your task: Seek out and destroy.

Page 4
Marathon Coolness Test How COOL are YOU?

Page 5
Teritory A simple yet very strategic net map
Craig@maris.com designed for teams!

Page 6
High Anxiety One of the first net-maps to support team net playing
markt@apple.com Pair off and destroy the others!

Page 7
The Cage Don't get trapped in The Cage.

In Every Issue

Page 8
From the Editor This will be the last issue of Marathon Magazine.

Page 9
Marathon R-Net Directory The ARA/NetLink Directory of people who
climax@grfn.org all think they can kick your ass.

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Marathon Software Catalog Where can you find "Hex!"? Here!

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Internet Marathon Sites Looking for that recently-
released piece of software?
Here's where to find it!