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-------------------------------------------------------------------------- FTP Official #Marathon Site
Biggest Marathon site on the internet!
In dir:
/pub/contrib/marathon FTP Lots of great Marathon Sounds

#Marathon IRC Marathon Chat! UseNet Macintosh Games Discussion UseNet Marathon Discussion WWW Marathon Central - biggest Marathon site on Internet!
~marathon Check out the new page format!

nick: FileServ IRC Provides access to AMUG's Marathon FTP
To access, type
/dcc chat Fileserv
pub/entertainment/marathon/ WWW The Marathon Hyperarchive Northwest!
AMUG is hardly ever updated anymore, I
prefer this MUCH better. WWW The Pfhor Information DataBase
~pulse/marathon WWW The story behind Marathon: What do those terminals mean?
~marathon/story/ WWW Bungie's WWW server, recently re-done. Check it out! WWW
Marathon Magazine FRENCH site, by
~sjpb/index.html WWW
Marathon Gets SHOCKED! A shockwave page
~jbrick/shock4.html Some of the images are kinda jumpy, but all in all pretty neat. WWW
A bunch of real cool Marathon animations, done
using Shockwave and Sizzler plug-ins.

Some Marathon 2 WWW pages

- Slurpee is back!! - Marathon 2 Hyperarchive

Marathon Magazine on the Internet - Marathon Magazine, WWW version } Marathon Magazine Back issues archives
} - fast!