An unbelievable new Marathon scenario that'll
blow you away!

The Story

The year is A.D. 2152. You work for a company named Scarpi. They are the largest and most important mining company known. They supply many different worlds with the minerals and resources that they need. No questions asked. As long as the customer can pay the price, he can get the goods. You have worked for Scarpi for the last twelve years as a navigator, and have now been given the job of your lifetime.

Uranium is very rare, and the universe is always being searched for a new supply. Large sacrifices have been made for the mineral. Worlds have been destroyed, races have gone to war.

Scarpi has been sending out probes for the last ten years. They are programed to search the galaxies for new sources of uranium. Six months ago they found one. A remote planet in the highly unexplored Terteus Galaxy, was, according to the probe, composed almost entirely of uranium.

Your job was to navigate the tow vehicle and its barge to the planet, get a sample shipment, and return to Earth. The trip was to last three months. One month in hypersleep each way, and one month to mine the planet.

You are the only personnel on the small tow vessel. The rest of the crew occupies the barge. They serve as the mining crew, and are also trained to protect the shipment.

You have made it to the planet, gathered the shipment, and are returning home in hypersleep, but home is not what you will find........................

A few notes and credits on Scarpi
Scarpi was created to be a fun scenario. The story is intended to be easily understood with mission goals that are well defined. I suggest you try to play it in Normal Mode first, and then adjust it from there. Creating Scarpi has taken a lot of hard work. Credit needs to be given to these people:

Chris Ashton (me)- Created Scarpi, some aliens, shapes, weapons, textures, sounds, all of the maps, etc. You can e-mail me at
Hamish Sanderson- Created the Drone (compiler) and Trooper. Also created a few textures.
Claude Errera- Did serious help with my mail, map support, and created the Scarpi installer. Also responsible for eiditing Scarpi.
D. Aguero- Created the Bounty Hunters (hunters).
Elliot Thorum- Help with the story, and some beta testing.
Rebekah Allen- Help with an idea on one of the maps, I would also like to thank her for putting up with me.

New Weapons
The weapons in Scarpi function just like the originals with the exception of these:
Flame Thrower- Now throws fireballs with no range limit.
Alien Weapon- Now a shotgun from DOOM II. Main trigger shoots one round, the second trigger shoots two rounds for extra killing.

There is much that I still plan on doing with Scarpi. If you would like to recieve the updates, e-mail me your comments on Scarpi along with a note that you would like the updates, and I’ll e-mail the updates to you. You can e-mail me at

Future plans include some of the following:
1. Finish sprites to replace the Fighter with the Sandman.
2. Create a new marine and the Lento Civilian.
3. Create all new cutscenes.
4. Create a second set of maps continuing from level 10 of Scarpi.

Installation Guide
The installer for Scarpi will add new terms, shapes, sounds, and other minor resources to your marathon files. Given enough RAM, this same installer will de-install all of those added resources when you're through playing the game... unfortunately, I don't know how much "enough RAM" is.

Therefore, if disk space is not a serious concern, you should assume that the changes the installer makes are permanent. Make copies of your Marathon application, your Shapes file, and your Sounds file. Put them in a separate folder called Scarpi (or whatever you like). Move the map and physics model included with this package into that folder. Run the installer, and indicate the new Marathon app when it asks for a place to install Scarpi. You're done.

Scarpi is almost entirely the work of one person, Chris Ashton. (Exceptions are detailed in the readme.) However, I (Claude Errera) put the installer together, and any problems you have with it should be directed to me-don't bother Chris, he's supposed to be busy updating the scenario.
(Any problems or comments you have for the scenario itself should be directed to him, of course.)


25 April 1996