I wrote this shortly after reading the Macintosh Coolness Test published in About this Particular Mac 2.04. Its a very extremely accurate guide for determining how much of a guru you are.

Ben Chess


1 Point each for BUYING, not pirating, Marathon I or II.

1 Point each for every other Bungie software product you own.

1 Point if you own a Bungie t-shirt. Add an additional point if it’s for Marathon.

1 Point for every Bungie staff member involved in Marathon I/II you can name by memory. (See bottom of this document for answers)

1 Point if you have ever emailed Bungie. Add another if you got a response. (Automatic replies and registration send-ins not counted)

Your contributions

1 Point for every map you have made from scratch and uploaded to an on-line archive. Add another point if you submitted it to Marathon Magazine. (hint, hint, : ) )

1 Point if you have written a cheater or editor program for Marathon I/II

1 Point if you have at least one web page devoted to Marathon.

1 Point if you regularly use alt.games.marathon or IRC #marathon

1 Point if you belong to a map making group, such as Catambay’s MMG, the Durandal group, etc.

Playing Marathon

1 Point each for beating Marathon I/II in Total Carnage mode without cheating.

1 Point if you have never cheated in a Marathon game.

1 Point if you don’t use CAPS LOCK as your run key.

1 Point if you regularly play Marathon I/II in high resolution.

Subtract 3 points if you have never intentionally killed a BOB.


1 Point if you have ever played a net game of Marathon I/II. Add an additional point if you have taken part in an eight-player net game.

1 Point if you have ever been to a Marathon net-game gathering, where a bunch of people meet somewhere to play net Marathon.

1 Point if you have used ARA or Netlink Remote for a playable net game. Add an additional point if you have registered Netlink Remote.

3 Points if you have successfully played a Marathon net game over the Internet.


1 Point if you were at Boston MacWorld ‘95 and received the Marathon II preview.

1 Point for every 10 megabytes of Marathon material you have on your hard drive. This includes maps, editors, cheaters, shapes, sounds, etc.

1 Point if you do not play Marathon 2 off of the CD-ROM.

1 Point if you play Marathon using external speakers.

1 Point if you have ever played Marathon on a computer that is faster than 110Mhz.

1 Point if you use the term “Pfhor” in your everyday language.

So, how do you rate?

People who were involved in making Marathon I/II (see the second part of 'Bungie')

Mark Bernal
J. Reginald Dujour
Jason Jones
Greg Kirkpatrick
Ryan Martell
Robert Mclees
Craig Mullins
Alain Roy
Alexander Seropian
Matthew Soell
Douglas Zartman