A simple yet very strategic net map
designed for teams!

For 8 players.
Team play is recommended
Built with Pfhorte2.a13
Version 1

This is my first commercial map. I have big plans for it. This is a very early draft so expect more from me soon.
The idea is that two teams are decided before play and then at the start they get to the coresponding base. Then they try to hit the enemies switch to raise their own flag.

I have had this idea for ages and is not a copy of the "ASSAULT" games. I was inspired by Mike Neylon's "Chunnel".

Please give me feed back coz I have only shown this to my family and only one of them cares about MARATHON. If your suggestion is used you may be on the credits list!

Changes since version 0.5;

Flags added
Textures sorted out
New flashing lights
Connecting lights


If you use any of this classy stuff for inspiration or otherwise send me a copy :-)

"The Kroginator"