The Cage
Don't get trapped in The Cage.

I have completely revamped this map: Better textures, more stuff, and... now it is completely ready for net use. Enjoy.

Version history:
Originally a crappy map for a never-released version of an M1 scenario; Attack On The Xanthan.
1a1: I learn why my M2 maps wouldn't work, and I whip this one up over a weekend.
1a2: More stuff, more gunz, player objects and is set up for King Of The Hill, Kill The Guy, and good ol' fashioned carnage carnage carnage.

More to come,

"We will wage war until we can build an igloo in the deepest, darkest pit of Hades, and then we will fight on skates!"
-Magius Fenexus, archmage of Xanthus

Eric B Venet