This will be the last issue of Marathon Magazine.

Those of you on the Marathon Magazine mailing list received
news of how busy I have been recently, namely with EV-Edit,
an editor for Ambrosia's new game
Escape Velocity. To be
honest, publishing Marathon Magazine has become more of a
burden then a fun hobby. I thank all of the loyal readers for
the attention Marathon Magazine has received in the last
1-and-a-half years.

Marathon has made a deep mark in the history of the
Macintosh as one of the best games of it's time.
Unfortunately, technology quickly evolves and it looks as if
id has again reigned. That doesn't mean Marathon has been
defeated, nor should it be stuffed, archived, and forgotten
about. One sign of a sure killer-app is it's versatility. Editors
such as Pfhorte and Pfhred allow anyone to create their
own 'virtual reality' world.

If you are interested in taking the baton in another leg of the
Marathon Magazine editorship relay, be my guest. Please
e-mail me at the address below.

Good luck and best of wishes,

Ben Chess
Former Editor of
Marathon Magazine