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NOTE: Because NetLink is so much better than ARA, ARA listings will probably soon be discontinued.

If you have Marathon and ARA (Specify client or Server) tell us at Please, Please, PLEASE, use the following format:

Subject: <Area Code Here>


Marathon ARA Directory
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What is ARA? And where can I get it?
ARA stands for Appletalk Remote Access. In essence, it allows you to have an Appletalk connection between to Macs over the modem. Which means you can play any Appletalk game over the modem.
In order to use ARA, one person must have ARA Server, which takes incoming calls (and can also make outgoing calls). The other person can have either ARA Server or Client.

ARA Server & Client is available in all the major Macintosh mail-order companies.

ARA Server runs for about $200

ARA Client runs for about $45

NetLink Remote

If you have Marathon 1/2 and NetLink Remote, (Specify registered or not) register with the Marathon Magazine NetLink Directory

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Marathon NetLink Directory
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