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Möbius A Mobius in a Marathon Map?!? Nah, can't be!

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Field Programmable Gatorade The action's faster, the monster's are smarter and
riddick@jeeves.la.utexas.edu the weapons are, well, quite different.

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Marathon ARA Directory Blast the hell out of another person, right in the
comfort of your own home.

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Special Notice: Back Issues & FTP Please Read!!


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From The Editor Marathon Demo is OUT! Click that guy for some tips!

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Rumor Mill New Marathon Cheater version, Wolfenstien 2, and
Bungie's new WWW site

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Coming Soon: Quake Will ID Software's new software smash
leave Marathon in the dust?

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Marathon Software Catalog What is available and how to get to it in an
Various easy readable format

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The Marathon Walkthru: Chapter 6 Chapter 6 in the Walkthru
series will take you step-by-
step through "Rebellion"!
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Internet Marathon Sites Looking for that recently-
released piece of software?
Here's where to find it!
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Marathon Magazine Info Information concerning Mailing Lists, Submissions
(Please Submit!), etc.