Some New Information

Welcome to version
1.3 of the Pfhorte Handbook. As new versions of Pfhorte come out, supplying you with the tools to help you in your map making endeavors, you can count on the Pfhorte Handbook to keep you informed as to changes in the new versions and how they affect you as a map mapmaker.

Keep in mind that, at the moment, the Handbook is still playing catch-up with the current version. When I first started the Handbook, Pfhorte was in d12. Now, 13d's later,
d25 has changed things quite a bit. I am working to bring the Handbook up to date and will continue to update it as new versions are released.

I used to say that you could count on a new version of the Handbook once per month, but unfortunately that has not been the case. I have just graduated from college, so my last few months have been busy with other, more important pursuits. However, I have been at work on this version of the Handbook and the next, which will address the Interface. I present you now with the updated version containing the largest chapter to date, Scripting. I know everyone was expecting the Interface chapter to be complete, and I apologize that it is not yet done. However, it is an enormous effort, and as much as I have done now seems like only half of what will finally be released.

Some other changes have been made to existing chapters, so check through them briefly if you have used prior versions of the Handbook. For information about editing for Marathon 2, check that chapter.

To aid you in using the handbook, certain conventions are used:

Important headings are labeled in green. When appropriate, they will also appear in the Table of Contents.

Points that represent options available in Pfhorte are labled in magenta underline.

Items of note are highlighted in red.

Examples are identified as blue text.

Perhaps most importantly, any information that has changed since the previous version will appear in
cyan italics. New chapters will not be in cyan italics, but changes to the wording, or addition of language to information already released will be accented for the next version only. Beneath the heading of each chapter is an indication of whether or not anything has changed, so you can know at a glance. After revisions are one version old, they will revert to their normal (or other accentuated) text. This convention will allow you to quickly scan through existing chapters to see if any information has changed, without you having to read all of it all over again.

New to this version of the Handbook is the ability to output all of the contents to a text file. You will lose all pictures and formatting, but this feature has been requested and now implemented. To output the text, choose the Output Text option from the file menu.