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A 13" Monitor and Thousands of colors are recommended for viewing.


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Marathon Terminal Editor Edit the terminals of your maps with ease!

Page 3

Marathon Battle An absolutely fantastic painting by the same artist who made the rendered
compiler picture & Marathon Marine
Page 4

"Predator" Ever notice how the hunters look like Predators? Use this physics model/sound!

Page 5

Marathon ARA Directory Looking for some Maraholics to play Marathon
compiled by with in your region?


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From the Editor Marathon Magazine finally on the WWW!

Page 7
Marathon Software Catalog What is available and how to get to it in an
Various easy readable format

Page 8

The Marathon Walkthru: Chapter 5 Chapter 5 in the Walkthru
series will take you step-by-
step through "The Pfhor"!
Page 9

Internet Marathon Sites Looking for that recently-
released piece of software?
Here's where to find it!
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Marathon Magazine Info Information concerning Mailing Lists, Submissions
(Please Submit!), etc.