Marathon Terminal Editor
Edit your Marathon Terminals with Ease!

Excerpted from the README file:


Marathon TERM Editor 1.2b3 is a complete editor for the 'term' resources in Marathon. It allows you to write terms and then, with the click of a button, install them in a custom built Marathon application.


Yes, I know it's slow and I know it's huge. I wrote it in HyperCard because I don't have the time to bother writing it in something else. Version 1.2b1 was created in 2 days and the update to 1.2b2 was released 9 days later (school days, I might add). I'll leave the C or Pascal version to someone with a lot of time to spare.

Version 1.2b3?

This is the first version. It is called 1.2b3 rather than 1.0b3 because it only works on Marathon version 1.2.

The full Readme and the program is available in the "MTE" folder of Marathon Magazine September.