Change Marathon's Hunters into Predators!
by SFinn@aol.com

Ever notice how much the Hunters look like Predators??

This is a really quick hack that turns the Hunter invisible, I even included the Predator growl to replace the "whoo" that they make!

("We are the Hunters who say...Whoo!")

Drop the Physics Model phfile in the marathon folder to use. If you want to use the sound (which is much quieter than the "whoo"), you'll need ResEdit.

Use ResEdit to open the Sounds file and the Predator Sound file in this folder. Select the snd resource in the Predator file and hit Cmd-C to copy the entire resource. Now select the snd resource in the Sounds file and hit Cmd-V to paste the Predator sound into Marathon's Sound file. A Dialouge Box will pop up, asking if you want to Assign new ID's or Replace resources with same ID's. You want to Replace.

And there you have it, new and improved Hunters.

Have a Blast!