Marathon ARA Directory
Maraholics Unite!

Announcing the start of the Marathon ARA Directory. You know it had to start sometime!

Entries are slim right now, for obvious reasons. If you have Marathon and ARA (Specify client or Server) tell us at Please, Please, PLEASE, use the following format:

Subject: <Area Code Here>


Marathon ARA Directory
<ARA Client or Server?>
<Modem Speed>
<Processor (040, 030, PPC)>

That's it! The information you provided will be listed, along with your e-mail address, so other Maraholics can contact you to challenge you to a game.

Current Listing as of 9-16-95:

(617) Boston
Boston Marathon Player's Club Contact for more info

(616) West Michigan
Ben Chess Challenge the master ; ) at running ARA Server 14.4K on an 040