Ambrosia Cafe the Tops
by "Cajun" David Richard

On April 1st, Ambrosia received a very big surprise in our eMail box.
Point, a New York City based company that spends their time surfing the
Web (can you believe that?), chose The Ambrosia Cafe as one of the Top
5% of all Web sites.

We have worked pretty hard on the Web site over the past 9 months, but
we are not the only authors. Since we have opened the Ambrosia Cafe, we
have seen a tremendous increase in visits. The topics covered by the
authors in the Ambrosia Cafe create a very well-rounded info-spot for the
Macintiosh. Everyone in the Cafe has a part in the success of the site. This award is not only for us, but is for everyone involved in the Ambrosia Cafe!

Andrew was so happy, he took us all out for ice cream (no, Hector didn't eat his).

Point was the first organization to rate Web sites, and have been doing it for many years. They are the only service on the Web that emphasizes quality, not quantity. This makes Point's list unique, and a good place to find links to quality sites.

Point's staff of reviewers surfs the Web daily looking for the best, smartest, and most entertaining sites around. If they review a page, it means they think it is among the best 5% of all Web sites in content, presentation, and/or experience. Some sites are tops in all three categories; others qualify due to fabulous content or exceptional presentation. And some make it in just because they're so deliciously silly.

Point makes no distinction between commercial, private, or student pages. Excellence is their only criterion.

If you are interested in submitting a site that you feel is worth a look-see by the editors of point, simply submit your own review of the site at Point's editors review all submissions, and they notify reviewed sites of their "Top 5%" status by eMail. Although they do review all submissions, they can't give personal replies to all submissions or offer specific timelines for when sites will be reviewed. Just so you know.

You can see what's hot by pointing your Web browser to

We here at Ambrosia wish to thank Point for the rating, and would also like to congratulate all of the people involved in the Ambrosia Cafe. It's not just Ambrosia that makes the Ambrosia Cafe what it is. It's all of the participants. Congratulations all! The Cafe wouldn't be the same without you!

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