Barrack Contest Update

Ambrosia Software, Inc. is running a Barrack high score contest! When you get a high score in
Barrack, you'll be given a 10 letter high score code that'll allow you to enter your score in the

The contest is underway and will end July 31st, 1996, so get your score codes in quick! See below
for more contest information. Now on to a breakdown of this month's top scorers in the Barrack High Score Contest.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have sent in a score after the date below, it will not appear until the next

As of 6/20/96

Rank Score Name

1 11,720,770 Deron Nakamura
2 11,522,882 Brandon Wilson
3 10,816,115 Erin (Greg) Brown
4 10,304,070 Zak Klobucher
5 9,056,600 Chuck St. Charles
6 8,540,090 Conrad Chu
7 8,013,775 Ed Mason
8 7,874,535 Jamie Bass
9 5,679,145 James Poganski
10 5,477,895 Joseph Arsenault


50 1,506,170 Hung Fai Fong

There is still plenty of time to enter the contest, so crack your knuckles and get those codes in! You can mail, fax, or e-mail them to us. You must be using Barrack 1.0.1 or later to get the high score code, and should send in just the code (not your score), and your name/address that you used when you registered for Barrack.

The top 50 scores will receive a cool Barrack/Ambrosia T-shirt; cash prizes go out to the top 3
scores as follows: 1st place: $300. 2nd place: $100. 3rd place: $50. Send in as many score codes as
you like; we'll use only the best score you submit. You must be a registered user to enter the
contest, so please include your name/address along with your score code so we can check our
database to make sure you are registered.

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