Your content started on a classic Mac, but don’t let it end there.

Remember the days when Fetch was the most important Internet application, before every Mac came with a web browser and PDF viewer? SimpleText was fine, if you didn't need pictures or more than a few thousand words. But for dynamic, multi-page documents that anyone with a Mac could read, DOCMaker was far and away the best solution. (Not ringing any bells? Learn more about DOCMaker.)

Times have changed, though, and flipping through those old e-zines now means you have to pull a “pizza box” Mac out of mothballs, or work out how to get an emulator running properly. And you still can't share it with anybody else.

Straight to the web in under five minutes.

DOCMaker Library doesn’t convert everything perfectly; there’s still no substitute for an actual Mac. But it beats the pants off letting your early magnum opus rot away on a Zip Disk. Or maybe it doesn’t; you probably cranked out some pretty embarrassing stuff back then. Still, waving your freak flag is what makes the Internet great. So slap it on the web and call it a day.

Best of all, it’s free.

What have you got to lose? (Your dignity?) Wait, don’t answer that. Look, if you’re really unhappy, blame it all on conversion issues. That drawing of you beating Vanilla Ice in a Pokémon battle probably won’t show up properly anyway. If it does, email me and I’ll have a good laugh.

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