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Bunker Safari The Most Dangerous Game

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NetLink Remote 1.0.1 NetLink. Modem. $10. Netplay. Fast.

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Alchemist 1.0b2 Make your BOBs fly further, live shorter!
hanson@cs.stanford.edu The Marathon 2 Physics Editor

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NEW: NetLink Directory Register your name, city, and modem speed
climax@grfn.org in search of other NetLink Marathon
joshwill@rc.net Players in your area.

In Every Issue

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From The Editor A little program called Marathon 2 was
climax@grfn.org released. Ahead of schedule!

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Marathon R-Net Directory The ARA/NetLink Directory of people who
josh@rc.net all think they can kick your ass.

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Rumor Mill Update on Quake, Devil in a Blue Dress, and
Marathon 2 Maps have started to appear!

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Marathon Software Catalog Where's that darned 'Pfhorte' program?

Due to the lateness of Dec issue already, Marathon 2 Walkthrough will begin next month

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Internet Marathon Sites Looking for that recently-
released piece of software?
Here's where to find it!

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Marathon Magazine Info Information concerning Mailing Lists, Submissions
(Please Submit!), etc.