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A 13" Monitor and Thousands of colors are recommended for viewing.


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Myriad The first attempt at a non-linear map in Marathon Check it out!

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Death of a Hulk An absolutely fantastic painting by the same artist who made the rendered
compiler picture & Marathon Marine

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"One Shot, One Kill" Physics Model pfhile, that despite the name, actually makes the game harder.


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From the Editor Doom II & Dark Forces hit the Mac.
Is Marathon doomed to be forgotten?

Marathon Software Catalog What is available and how to get to it in an
Various easy readable format

The Marathon Walkthru: Chapter 4 Chapter 4 in the Walkthru series will take you step-by- step through Durandal!

Chapter screens hack A quick text on how to make the chapter screens
Durandal appear on different levels.

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Internet Marathon Sites Looking for that recently-
released piece of software?
Here's where to find it!

Marathon Magazine Info Information concerning Mailing Lists, Submissions
(Please Submit!), etc.