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Where you can find Marathon stuff on the Internet. Send entries to

Domain Name Type Comments
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FTP Lots of great Marathon Sounds

#Marathon EFnet IRC Marathon Chat!

#Marathon SuperChat IRC This channel is run by the editor!

#Marathon ChatNet IRC Also run by the editor USENet Macintosh Games Discussion USENet Marathon Discussion USENet Marathon Discussion (Not nearly as popular as a.g.m.) WWW Marathon Central - biggest Marathon site on Internet! WWW The Pfhor Information DataBase
~pulse/marathon WWW The Story behind Pathways Into Darkness - Lots of links
TimesSquare/7007/ to Marathon's story... WWW The story behind Marathon FTP Bungie's FTP site WWW Bungie's Web Page WWW Double Aught Software's Home Page WWW Are you a VidMaster? Find out on this page...

Marathon Magazine on the Internet

Marathon HyperArchive MidWest <>

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