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Marathon Map Rating Club Finally a club that will rate your maps
no matter how large, small, detailed,
or simple.

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Hell Hole v1.3 Have a look a Gary Simmons' new map
"Hell Hole"


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From The Editor Marathon Magazine has returned! The
VidMaster@Cyber-Wizard.com new editor has a few words for us as well.

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Letters to the staff We thought the mail Bungie gets is weird...

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Map Ratings See the ratings for G. Simmons' "Hell Hole"
which is included with this issue.

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Marathon R-Net Directory The NetLink Directory of people who
VidMaster@Cyber-Wizard.com all think they can whip your butt.

Page 8
Bungie Employee Interview This issue we interview Jason Regier,
the maker of Forge.

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Rumor Mill Marathon 1 scenario for Marathon ∞?!

File link to "Marathon Software Catalog"
Marathon Software Catalog The best source of information for
finding 3rd party Marathon stuff

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Internet Marathon Sites Are you looking for that recently-
released piece of software?
This is where to find it!

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Marathon Magazine Info Info about Mailing Lists, Submissions, etc.