The Editor Must Have his say!
From the Editor

Hello out there! Thought I'd take
the time to tell you all what's new
with Marathon Magazine since I'm
now the editor, and let you all get to
know me and the other guys behind
the scenes. First off, my name is
Nik Manak. You may know me
from IRC or the newsgroup where I use the
alias "Frost". I will be your new
editor and will keep things running
even more smoothly than before. You
can e-mail me at

©1994-96 Bungie Software Products Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.

The second person who is stuck in
the middle of this by his own will is
Justin "Trojan" Cook of Cambridge,
New Zealand. He is the one and only
graphics designer (He made the new
logo by the way), he also helps out
with the distribution.You
can e-mail him at or

©1994-96 Bungie Software Products Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.

Meet Tech support. BOB, BOB, ROB.
They spend most of their time looking
tough, the rest of it answering your
many questions. They also have a
nasty habit wasting 1/3 of our ammo
supply every time a Pfhor appears
on the horizon.

©1994-96 Bungie Software Products Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.

And HERE we have the "Knock out
first, ask questions later" Nar
warriors who went out and took all
of the pictures you see in the
magazine. Used to be three of them,
but that compiler picture was pretty
dangerous in the taking. We pay them
well enough though.

New Stuff, Changes, etc. ©1994-96 Bungie Software Products Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.

First off, there are going to be a few changes now that Marathon Magazine is under new editorship:

1. It will be published bi-monthly.

2. The magazine will support the Marathon Map Rating Club and all of its functions.
For more info have a look at the MMRC section of this issue.

3. We're using 2 names: Marathon Magazine and Marathon I-Zine.

4. Although we're a magazine for the Marathon series and its players, we will also
have coverage for ALL Bungie products. (ABUSE, Myth, PID, etc.)

5. Each issue we will try to interview a Bungie employee. If you have a question for one
of them, send it to me and I'll ask. If there aren't enough good questions we might
have to skip the interview occaisionally.

6. The Marathon Software Catalog has been updated and enlarged to about 4x its
original size.

7. Also included with each issue will be one or two neat little programs I usually find
while lurking around on Marathon sites.

8. Marathon Magazine will rely very much on submitted articles so if you have one
send it in and we'll see if we can use it. I will write a couple of articles myself every
issue though, and Justin might write one every now then.

9. Also, Marathon Magazine has relocated to the S'pht capital city
on Lh'owon. We're operating from inside the
Citadel of Antiquity
which stretches up just left of the city's center. This map is
provided so that you won't get lost should you come to visit us.

We're transmitting to you via satellite from the
mini radio station we set up at the very top of the tower.

©1994-96 Bungie Software Products Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.

Well, that covers everything, so enjoy the magazine, and have fun!

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