May 1996 - Volume 3 Issue 3

Who We Are

Ambrosia Software, Inc. -- publisher of award winning programs for the Macintosh -- distributes a full line of utility, productivity, and anti-productivity (game) software through America Online, CompuServe, eWorld, GEnie, and the Internet as shareware.

You are given a 30 day free license to evaluate any of our software; after the 30 days have passed, you are expected to send the appropriate registration fee to us for processing.

This Newsletter

Ambrosia Software, Inc. publishes this electronic newsletter, entitled
The Ambrosia Times, every other month. The 'Times is an interactive electronic newsletter that is meant to serve as an informal method of getting the word out about what Ambrosia is up to as a company. By browsing past and present issues of this newsletter, you'll obtain a wealth of information about our products, from previews of upcoming products to hints and tips about how to use our software effectively. The Ambrosia Times is distributed electronically free of charge on a bimonthly basis. If you want The Ambrosia Times sent to your electronic mailbox at no charge every other month, please sign up on the at_list mailing list at

The Crew

So that we're not just another faceless monolith, I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce all of Ambrosia's employees. Don't worry; this won't take long, there are only a few of us slaving away in the byte mines.

Hector D. Byrd
(Far right of picture) Grand Poo-Bah of the office. This crusty critter rules with an iron wing.
Andrew Welch
(Right) Ambrosia's fearless leader and resident Macintosh wizard. Currently, a large portion of Ambrosia's software library has been authored by Andrew. This talented young programmer is the founding father of Ambrosia, and continues to lead Ambrosia into the uncharted waters of digital distribution of commercial quality products.
Gayle Haarr
(middle-right) With Gayle's finely tuned accounting skills, Ambrosia is better able to squeeze the most out of your shareware dollar. Gayle is in charge of the day-to-day business operations of Ambrosia's busy office. If you are feeling neighborly, say hello to Gayle on your next registration form.
"Cajun" David Richard
(middle-left) This southern gentleman is Ambrosia's technical support guru and sorcerer's apprentice. If you have a question or concern about any of Ambrosia's products, Cajun is your man. Thanks to Cajun, Ambrosia can boast an average 24 hour turnaround time for eMail technical questions. If you are surfing the online networks, stop by one of our forums and say hello.
Ed Ota
(not shown) When Andrew first incorporated Ambrosia, Ed was right there with him. Originally, the company was run out of their dorm room (we have since upgraded to a suite of offices). While Andrew programmed, Ed handled the operation side of things. Although Ed has left Ambrosia for the United States Marine Corps to serve as a Second Lieutenant, he is still here in spirit. Who can blame him for taking a cushier job ;<).

If you haven't seen previous issues, you may want to take a look at them. We are using a version number system similar to software. The first digit is the volume number������∞lume per year. The second digit is the issue number, six issues per year. Thanks to everyone who appreciated the previous issues so much.

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