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About This Newsletter -- Cover page and general information about this
document and Ambrosia as a company. Come and meet the gang.

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Info. -- Legalese and distribution information concerning The Ambrosia
Times. Sign up now for your free subscription.

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What's New -- The long awaited Escape Velocity! The Barrack Contest! Yet another
new game! A new author joins the Ambrosia Times staff! And, the snow has melted
(bringing unusual events).

Page 5

Kudos & Criticism -- Each month we dig our hands into the Ambrosia
mailbag for a few select letters to answer in this section.

Page 6

President's Letter -- Who's been sending Andrew junk eMail?!?!? If you know who
has been doing this dastardly deed, please report them to the proper authorities.

Page 7

Escape Velocity Press Release -- Have you ever wondered what it would be like
to own your own space ship and to be able to roam the galaxy doing whatever you
please? Escape Velocity is here and waiting for you.

Page 8

Barrack Contest -- So you think you're tough, huh? So you say you're not afraid of
sharks in pink flip-flops? Well, we'll see...

Page 9

Avara Update -- What's going on with Avara? More people, more things, more
places to hide and blow up your friends with grenades, more, more, more...

Page 10

Up Close and Personal with Juri Munkki -- Find out more about the mastermind
behind the world of Avara. The Ambrosia Times interviews the creator of the "wide
open spaces."

Page 11

Ambrosia Cafe the Tops -- The Ambrosia Cafe has hit the top! Point, an
organization that reviews Web sites, has chosen the Cafe as one of the Top 5% of all
Web sites on the Internet!

Page 12

Bubble Trouble -- As we continue to bombard you with more crazy things for your
computer, Ambrosia, along with Alex Metcalf, the creator of Maniac and Swoop's author
Dave Wareing, prepare a new game for your procrastinating pleasure.

Page 13

Geekette -- We wonder about Gayle sometimes. This issue's Geekette column sheds
some light on her fascination with the sun.

Page 14

The Incredible Bouncing Andrew -- Andrew takes a day job, actually, a night job.

Page 15

How To -- Ever wonder why your computer crashes from time to time? Well, so does
Cajun. This issue's How To will help you find those nasty little bugs.

Page 16

Eeek A Bug! -- An update report on the new versions of Chiral and Barrack.

Page 17

Ramblings -- This issue's Ramblings column introduces a real-live professional
rambler, Michael Dortch. He has been rambling for almost 20 years, and we have asked
him to throw a little rambling our way.