Eeeek A Bug!
by "Cajun" David Richard

Two products have been updated in the last two months: Chiral and
Barrack. Following is the list of fixed bugs in the two games:

Chiral 1.0.4

• Fixed a bug in the Sound_Tool that would cause it to require Sound Manager 3.0, when in
fact, it isn't needed.

• Yea, that's it!

Chiral 1.0.3

We also released a version of Chiral about a month prior to the release of 1.0.4. Here are the fixes:

• Included a revised version of the 8 channel Sound_Tool that works better on lower-end

• Fixed a bug that caused the menu bar to stay hidden upon quitting Chiral 1.0.2.

• Removed eWorld (*sniff*) from the FAQs and Registration application.

• Updated the version and FAQ information.

Barrack 1.0.1

Barrack has also been upgraded and improved. Aside from the addition of the High Score Contest, we have also refined game play a little. For those of your who were complaining that the game play was taking too long, download this new version and you will be in for a new challenge. Conserve those lives...

• Upgrade to Sound_Tool v1.1.3 brings significant speed increases.

• High score contest implemented.

• Scoring tweaks in upper levels.

• Bosco is no longer harmful while in "death spin."

• Bosco death bonus points are worth 10x while on "I keel you" rampages.

• Bosco will not return until next level after death.

• Fixed bug where sometimes greater than 100% would be tallied yielding huge
overachiever bonuses.

• Fixed bug where glass balls would sometimes get stuck together, repeatedly shattering.

• Fixed bug where slicing apart extremely thin columns would sometimes cause freezes.

• Fixed bug where isolating nuke balls during birth would cause them to just stop and flash.

• Fixed bug where high scores would sometimes appear garbled.

• Fixed sound/music volume adjustment problems and added sound/music toggle menu

• FAQ updates.

If you run into any further bugs that are not reported here, please send a complete report to

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