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A 13" Monitor and Thousands of colors are recommended for viewing.


Page 2

Athens Outpost A fun solo map that will keep you busy for an afternoon!

Marathon Marine Another great painting by the same artist who made the rendered
compiler picture.

Page 4

Making Music in Marathon: Part 2 A helpful and informative article on how to
create new music for Marathon's BGM.

Page 5

Running Man Preview Project Running Man Preview:
Jay Gilbert, Ben Chess &
Marathon meets Politics
a guy we like to call "Bach"


Page 6
From the Editor Where did Marathon Magazine April &
May go? Plus: Marathon Magazine goes

Page 7

Marathon Software Catalog Consult the Catalog to know which editors,
Various etc. are the best!

Page 8

The Marathon Walkthru: Chapter 3 Chapter 3 in the Walkthru
Various series will take you step-by-
step through Reprisal!
Page 9

Marathon Terminal Editing Manual A text on how to make your custom terminals in your maps the cream of the crop

Page 10

Internet Marathon Sites Looking for that recently-
released piece of software?
Here's where to find it!