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Features and Editorials

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Thoughts on Major Scenario Hamish Sanderson gives some excellent
Projects words of wisdom to Scenario Makers

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Constructive Criticism For MMRC Rater, Devon Belcher, gives some
Level Designers criticism to the makers of low-quality stuff.

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Face the Facts Face was unable to do any Face the Facts
articles this issue. Sorry.


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From The Editor We're in the second issue of The New
VidMaster@Cyber-Wizard.com Marathon Magazine.

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Letters to the Staff We thought the mail Bungie gets is weird...

No Interview What happened to the "Interview"?

Map Ratings Ratings for some new maps, alog with
Coriolis Loop!

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Internet Marathon Sites Are you looking for that recently-
released piece of software?
This is where to find it!

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Marathon Magazine Info Info about Mailing Lists, Submissions, etc.