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Features and Editorials

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The Marathon World Needs The editor searches high and low for
Some Better Scenarios quality scenarios. You Got'em?
We Want'em!! Don't be afraid of a
little criticism ....... !
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Siege of Nor'korh It's old, but it's good. Take a peek at
one of the butt-busting scenarios
of yesterday.

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Marathon How To Guide #1 How to play Marathon 2 maps with
Marathon Infinity!

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Face the Facts (1-4) Dan Rudolph's weekly article is now a
Feature of Marathon Magazine!


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From The Editor We're in the second issue of The New
VidMaster@Cyber-Wizard.com Marathon Magazine.

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Letters to the Staff We thought the mail Bungie gets is weird...

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Map Ratings See the ratings pfhor two good maps.

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Marathon R-Net Directory The NetLink Directory of people who
VidMaster@Cyber-Wizard.com all think they can whip your butt.

No Interview What happened to the "Interview"?
See "The Film Files" department below.

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The Film Files "The Film Files" department will be alternating
with the "Interview" department until further


Rumor Mill No rumors this issue.

File link to "Marathon Software Catalog"
Marathon Software Catalog The best source of information for
finding 3rd party Marathon stuff.

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Internet Marathon Sites Are you looking for that recently-
released piece of software?
This is where to find it!

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Marathon Magazine Info Info about Mailing Lists, Submissions, etc.