Awww . . . yes, Physics Models. The things that make our pistols shot
twice as powerful and makes the Flames Thrower throw flames across
room. Welcome to Physics Model Reviews, a monthly feature in Marathon NET Magazine. All Physics Models reviewed are in the Archive Folder in the Physics Models Reviewed folder.This month, in the premiere issue, I have 3 Physics Models to review, they are, in order of review:

1. Weapons O' Death.
2. Net Physics Model.
3. Everyone For Themselves.

In each Physics Model review, the following will be displayed:

1. Title. (Name, Large and Underlined)
2. The Name.
3. The Author/s.
4. Also Contains. (ReadMe, Film, etc . . . )

After that, I'll have a more extensive review of the Physics Model in paragraph form, titled "What Does It Do?".

I do not give Star Ratings on Physics Models, because there all for the better, well most of them, but still . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Weapons O' Death

Physics Model Name: Weapons O' Death.
Author/s: James Hakin and Jonathan Irish.
Also Contains: A ReadMe File and 3 Films.

What Does It Do?

Weapons O' Death, does exactly what it's name says, make the common semi to extremely powerful weapons of sort, more powerful, here are some short specifics:

Fist: When punching, your fist now let's out a small burst of fire.
Magnum Pistol: The Pistol shots are now twice as powerful.
Fusion Pistol: First trigger let's out lot's of Plasma Bolts, Second trigger let's
out a flame, which is really a mine with the strength of a missle.
Assult Rifle: First trigger shoots out 25 super explosives. Second trigger fires
a high speed, gravity free gernade. Upon picking up clips, they
now hold 1000 bullets.
SPNKR Launcher: Now fires five fast rockets all with a large blast radius.
Tozt Flame Unit: Now throws an enormously long/large flame.

Weapons O' Death can almost be to much fun. It's good, but remember, don't abuse power, profit from it.

Net Physics Model

Physics Model Name: Net Physics Model.
Author/s: Name Unknown, E-Mail is
Also Contains: A ReadMe File.

What Does It Do?

Net Physics Model does . . .a lot. It not only changes a lot of the weapons, but the aliens and bobs as well, here's a closer look:

Less Damage: To make NET games last longer.
Alien Behavior: All aliens are now against each other, thus killing each other.
Exploding Barrels: Just aliens that look like barrels, and explode with one shot,
or if a explosion take place near the barrel/s.
Fist: Now does less damage.
Magnum Pistol: No change,
Fusion Pistol: Now a double barrel shot gun, look like the Assult Rifle thou.
First trigger fires one barrel while the second trigger fires both.
Really powerful and uses pistol ammo.
Assult Rifle: Is now more accurate. Gernades have a slightly larger blast
radius. Uses Gernade and Rifle ammo.
SPNKR Launcher: No real change.
Tozt Flame Unit: No change to first trigger. Second trigger shoots fusion bolts
that are capable of damaging invincible NET Players. Uses
Napalm Canisters and Fusion Batteries.
Alien Weapon: Now a hunter gun. Can not see the weapon in front of you.
First trigger fires from your right shoulder while the second
fires from your left shoulder. Uses Alien ammo.
Fighters: Now drop Pistol ammo.
Projectile Fighters: Now drop Plasma Energy Cells.
Bobs: These physics only work if you have the Bob-Flight Patch. (Will not
Enforcer: Drops Assult Rifle ammo.
Compilers: Drop Alien Weapon ammo.
Hounds & Lookers: Now appear to be barrels.
Troopers: Changed color and drop Gernade clips.
Movement: Running is faster, backing up is slower, and stopping can take a
but longer till you come to a full stop.

Net Physics Model is impressive, it does in fact make NET games last longer and would recommend it to anyone wanting to do this.

Everyone For Themselves

Physics Model Name: Everyone For ThemSelves.
Author/s: Unknown.
Also Contains: n/a.

What Does It Do?

Well, Everyone For Themselves is so simple, I don't even have to get into specifics like the above two reviews. Everyone For Themselves turns all the aliens against each other, so they'll all want to kill each other, even if they are of the same species.

Everyone For Themselves is simple. This Physics Model does not change weapons, or any of that, it just makes all the aliens turn on each other. I recommend this to people out there who do not want to totally change the orginal NET game, this is a small change, and can be adapted to with ease.

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