This is the second, of many votes that will take place in Marathon NET NET Magazine over the months. As said before, this may and
may not be a monthly feature in Marathon NET Magazine, and so . . . .the question is:

"What Bungie Map Do You Like?"

Yes, that's correct. There are 5 catagories, a map can win more than once, if it gets voted enough. The catagories are:

1. 2-4 Players.
2. 5-6 Players.
3. 7-8 Players.
4. 2-8 Players.
5. Teams.

So there are plently of catagories, so that gives 50% of the Bungie Maps a chance to win a catagory, like I said about thou . . .if voted enough, a Map can win more than one catagory. Teams, by that I mean plainly . . .what Map is best to play with Teams on.

There are 10 Bungie Maps, they are:

1. Mars Needs Women.
2. Carnage Palace Deluxe.
3. 5-D Space.
4. Arena.
5. E Equals MC What!
6. Showered With Gernades.
7. Spiral Insanity.
8. Waldo World Arena.
9. What Goes Up, Must Come Down.
10. You Don't Need To See My I.D.

So, I'd like to hear from you via E-Mail. Individuals can place one vote per catagory. Please subject your E-Mail "Bungie Map Vote". Here is an example of what to write:

2-4 Players = <Bungie Map Name Here>
5-6 Players = <Bungie Map Name Here>
7-8 Players = <Bungie Map Name Here>
2-8 Players = <Bungie Map Name Here>
Teams = <Bungie Map Name Here>

Send all votes to

the voting dead line is Saturday, August 13th, 1995. If this does not take off accordingly to plans, I will continue to take in votes, then have the results in the September Issue of Marathon NET Magazine. (If I extend the dead line, it'll be said so in the next (August) issue of Marathon NET Magazine.)

The voting results will be published in the next (August) issue of Marathon NET Magazine.

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